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Roadbuilding contractors require granular aggregate from sand and gravel suppliers that are compliant with both Alberta and City of Calgary aggregate specifications. Hillstone Aggregates is a material company that offers a granular sub base material that is not only in spec but that is predisposed to a higher level of compaction. Our road base material is primed for meeting compaction density requirements, resulting is less time needed for rolling and compacting, creating more efficient job sites. Whether contractors are looking for coarse aggregate or 3” Minus, Hillstone Aggregates provides optimum results through time efficiency and world class product.


In addition to sand and gravel, Hillstone Aggregates is a great source for any drainage rock project. Drainage rock is used extensively in sewer and watermain construction. Utilities primarily use it to divert water underground from one area to another. Other underground projects use drainage rock for bedding pipe, providing support around the pipe for increased stability. The best rock for drainage depends on the size of the pipe being used. Hillstone Aggregate is a material company with drainage rock readily available in 16mm, 20mm, and 40mm to fulfill any contractor’s project needs. A sieve analysis on all products is also available upon request.


The key to efficiency in distributing sand and gravel or coarse aggregate is an effective logistics solution. The location of our Calgary aggregate resource along Highway 567 makes us less susceptible to road ban restrictions on local roads, which can be in place until June. Hillstone Aggregates offers various modes of transportation at competitive rates for all exposed aggregate and gravel delivery. Truck & Pups and Truck & Quad Wagons are in the most demand and readily available throughout the year. Whether it’s rock sand, stone sand, or crushed stone, we can effectively service the entire City of Calgary, Airdrie, and Balzac. Hillstone Aggregates is one of the best sand and gravel suppliers in the area and we make sure contractors have their materials when and where they need them.




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